Boudoir portraits



So often, I hear women say "I'll take photos when I lose weight." "I'm bad at my makeup." "I have no lingerie." WELL let me tell you, first off - the right poses will help you celebrate the size you are now. Second, each of these sessions comes with a Hair/Makeup Artist (read: no need to worry about getting ready)! And third: I have a client closet, complete with an authentic pair of VICTORIA'S SECRET ANGEL WINGS to get you feeling confident for your boudoir shoot! Don't worry about anything - just show up ready to have fun and I'll take care of the rest!


I love incorporating veils, whites, or your wedding colors and details into my boudoir session! This is a form of bridal boudoir where I emphasize the fact that you are getting married! It's such a good gift to give on your wedding day, which is why I offer it free in lieu of an engagement session!


With the sultry boudoir option, we focus on your inside the house, but sexy as hell stuff! Starting with a basic bralette and giant sweater, and working our way up to a sexy little bodysuit! I love the variety this gives and the moods it creates. I tend to edit these sessions a little moodier than I'd edit all my others. I want the highlights to hit all the best spots, and the shadows to create a moody mysterious look. 

why boudoir?

Looking for the perfect gift to give your husband on your anniversary? Try a boudoir photo album - plus it's a gift for you too!

Looking for a gift to give your soon-to-be husband on the wedding day? How about photos of you in the underwear you'll be wearing that night, with nothing but your veil? Each of my weddings come with the option for a full engagement shoot or a bridal boudoir shoot, so it won't even cost you anything extra!

Maybe you just want a pick me up for yourself? BOUDOIR.

Or, if you don't feel like lingerie, try your sports bras and shorts. There are so many options and I promise we will have a good time and get some gorgeous photos of you to boot! I know how scary it can feel having your photos taken - especially in your underwear. But I'm here to help you break that fear and learn how beautiful you are, even when you're vulnerable. Come create memories with me, you just might even end up loving what you see! 


So what are you waiting for? Your inner confidence is waiting to shine!

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