Elopement + Adventure Weddings

For the adventurous souls that thrive on the deep connection found from loving someone else.

For the couples who want to go back to the basics of what makes you two YOU.

For the non-traditional couple wanting a day focused on this season of their lives that brings in joy and intimacy that perhaps a large wedding could not provide.

I create an experience for the two of you, that lends itself to the intimate nature of getting married to the one whom your soul loves. I want the portraits to radiate truth - YOUR TRUTH. The emotions you feel on this day will be so important, and for me to get to give those back to you in the form of a portrait that shows that truth in stark beauty and vulnerability - is a gift to both you and I.

I am a photographer that is genuinely invested in your story, your souls, and your one of a kind love for each other. Whether it means the beaches in California, the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest, the bottom of a waterfall in the South, chasing the golden sunlight in the same fields the buffalo roam in Wyoming, or here in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful Colorado - wherever your love story takes you, I have a deep craving in my soul to capture it and authentically tell it to the world for you.