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Start to finish is the part of my website where I get to show you my style throughout the wedding day. From start, to finish. You see a photographer can take epic outdoor portraits, but not many of the ceremony, reception, or family formals. Well, I want to show you this all in one place. What a typical wedding day with me as your photographer looks like from start to finish.

Detail Shots

Flowers, rings, dresses, even the cologne you wear, are all important to telling the story of your day! I usually spend a good 45 minutes capturing your details for the day!


Getting Ready

You spend so much of your day getting ready! From mimosas with your girl squad, to beer with the guys, I like to capture these moments! This helps to add a healthy amount of candid portraits to your album between your friends and family, and these are some of the photos I love the most! I do this, while also trying to keep us on schedule for the day. I usually spend 2 hours photographing you getting ready!

First Look or First Touch

I love this section so much, and love when a bride decides to do this! I will walk you through these reasons to see if this is something you want to do! I plan this entire thing for you, from location, to time, etc, so you don’t have to stress it! This is the part of a wedding day where the bride elects to be seen either by her groom, or someone else in her family or bridal party, who she’d love to share an intimate moment and reaction with after she is all ready for the day. Some people choose to do a first touch, where they hold hands, pray together, or read letters from each other, without seeing the bride before the ceremony.


More times than not, ceremonies take place during harsh lighting outside, low lighting inside, or have rules about where I can stand during them. My goal is to work within those parameters and give you the best photos possible. If you are interested in having a ceremony at the best lighting time, I can help you with that at your consult!

Family Formals

Because of my special connection to taking portraits other than on your wedding (read my about me or check out my portraits tab if you are curious what I mean), I am dedicated to giving you gorgeous family formals! Whether they are inside or outside. I spend a good amount of time coordinating with you beforehand to discuss which family portraits are important to you, and make sure to capture them! These people may not be in our lives forever… We may never see Dad dressed to the nines again! So I make sure to document it for you, to hang in your homes or give as gifts, for years to come!

Wedding Party Formals

Girl. This is your TRIBE. These are the people that show up for you. That cheer you on. That mean the world to you! I aim to give you portraits where you can see the connection you have with each other, and reminisce on this special day!

Reception and Exit

I love a properly lit reception and exit, and I want to capture all the fun you are having! Dancing, garter tossing, bouquets… This is where the fun candids are and I love adding these to your album! Dancing with grandpa, kissing your husband during your first dance as husband and wife, or dancing with your friends after all the formalities… These are the moments we live for, and it is so important to me to capture them!

Bonus Section: Your Formals

Throughout the rest of my website are tons of stunning portraits of my couples together. So if you haven't already done so go take a look throughout my other pages.

Each of my couples are talking and interacting with each other throughout their portraits. This is the REAL YOU. I capture joy and emotional portraits that are a true reflection of who you are. Unsure of what to say or do? Don't worry, I help with all of that by giving you talking points, direction and poses! I aim to give you a mixture of candids, editorial and traditional poses during your portrait time. I look for beautiful light, flattering poses, and lots of connection during this time, and usually plan around 45 minutes for these portraits.

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