Susan + Ken at Blackstone Rivers Ranch

The night before the wedding, my fiance' (unofficial photo assistant/puppy dad of the year) traveled with our dog in our Jeep to Lakewood, CO. Susan + Ken booked a hotel for us for the night before and after the wedding, so we did not have to drive the 3 hours west back over the mountains the night before the wedding. When we got there, we were stunned by the inside. The hotel was filled with dinosaur fossils. If you know Johnny, you know he has a weird obsession with dinosaurs (one of the many nerdy things I adore about him!) So we thought that was pretty fun. I was exhausted, so I plugged in all my equipment to prep for the next day and then fell asleep.

The next morning, Johnny dropped me off at the venue. It was BEAUTIFUL and even he thought it was gorgeous (we have been doing some venue shopping of our own, and this was the first place Johnny has ever been excited about lol). The river flowed right through it, the pine trees were beautifully laced in between the aspen trees, and the big white tent was filled with gorgeous fairy lights. I knew this wedding would be gorgeous, but when I walked inside, I was floored by the beauty.

The bridal suite had a beautiful foiled color olive and gold paintings all over the walls, a giant mirror, and gorgeous light wafting in through the window. The room was adorned with peonies and beautiful furniture. I thought there was no way this venue could get any better... Boy was I wrong! The venue director then walked me over to the mens' getting ready room and my jaw dropped. Inside was a large antler that had been saved from one of the owners' firefighting days! All of the door handles were made with axes. And inside the mens' getting ready room were steel, monochromatic blue wall panels, and the same gorgeous light coming through... A photographer's DREAM.

Once Ken arrived, he built his own arbor (two of them) from aspen trees and beautiful flowers. I could not have been more stunned with this day. Not only was it so gorgeous, but the love between the intimate ceremony was amazing. Ken and Susan had only one bridesmaid and groomsmen (aside from Ken's two adorable sons), and because of that, were able to have such an intimate moment with each of them at all times during the wedding. The love between them and the people they chose to share their special day with them was one of a kind - and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it.