Maggi +Andy at Meadows Lake

This sweet couple is one of my most fun couples! Seriously, my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard with them. They had zero stress during the engagement session and even less during the wedding! And this is something I try to remind all couples of... It's the happiness of the day that matters, NOT the perfection of it. 

It was a million degrees, the sun was shining in their faces through the whole ceremony, and they had some issues with their generators as they were trying to get ready. But Maggi handled it with grace and beauty and I had so much fun with this couple, despite the challenges that shooting in the high mountains of Glenwood Springs can bring. 
It was one of the prettiest, wildflower filled days I've ever witnessed. They stopped and picked gorgeous wildflowers along the way for the bride's bouquet, and if that's not a Western Colorado Wedding for you, I don't know what is! It fills my soul with passion and I'm so thankful to have been a part of this day. 

Maggi and Andy.jpg

I always try to make sure to sneak the bride and groom off for some gorgeous sunset portraits during their reception! The reason for this, is that even if the lighting was a little harsh on your ceremony, I can still give you some colorful mountain portraits, to emulate the western bride and groom style that Colorado has to offer!


Seriously, is this not the prettiest place you've ever seen? It's so sad that right now it's on fire, but we are praying that it gets put out ASAP, so more beautiful weddings can be enjoyed here!