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I find myself wanting bold and bright edits during the summer, and a little bit more natural tones during the fall. This is why. Two people stand out so much in the plains and as much as I love summer and some gorgeous pops of color, I think the tones in the fall can make it so easy for a couple to stand out by eliminating all of the distractions that can come with a ton of color. Although I love this session, I am SO ready for some warm summertime and colors.
I feel lucky about living in Colorado because as an artist, I crave the seasons. The small yearly changes bring with them a new wind that seems to push me creatively each year, yet I also always know that all the seasons end and a new one will begin. As each season begins to end, I get so excited for the new creative projects for the next season - and Colorado is the King of them all.

That being said, adventure weddings and adventure season portraits are the bees knees to me! If you are interested in a pre-bridal session, or an anniversary session after your wedding, let’s chat about it because I love the variety of each season and think we could maximize on all the beauty that Colorado has to offer!


Engagement Session, Anniversary Session or Bridal Portraits?

With all of my weddings, I offer a complimentary engagement session, bridal session and an add on anniversary session.

A bridal session is where I take some beautiful portraits of you in a season before the wedding. But don’t worry, those portraits won’t be shown until AFTER the wedding, but make great add ons for your wedding day AND is a great time to do your trial for hair and makeup. Use it for the shoot with me!
As far as an engagement session, I find these incredibly beneficial for couples so that I can help teach you how to pose since weddings are often a little more crunched for time. You will have beautiful and fun photos from this, but also lots more experience to warm you up for game day!
Last but not least, an anniversary session. You’ve been MARRIED for one whole year now. Let’s celebrate with some updated portraits! Either back in your dress and tux, or in your home showing your life now. I love this option for couples and am stoked whenever someone books it.

Whichever you choose, it gives us some options to play around with the different tones and seasons and create some art in the gorgeous wedding locations Colorado has to offer us!