This is Me.

I am so humbled that you have found yourself on this page. This is my safe place, where I get to share my story. The story that has given me the purpose in capturing YOURS. And the fact that you have found yourself here to read my words and hear my heart through them, means the world to me!

I believe that our lives are filled with moments… Some are little and are the day-to-day monotonies we go through and take for granted, until one day: those little moments change, or are gone altogether. Here are a few snapshots of my family’s little moments growing up: go-kart racing, campfires (we LOVED camping), zoo trips, water gun fights…

But life is also filled with big moments. Some are happy, like graduation or your wedding to the love of your life... And some are those moments that are a turning point… For me, it was losing my step-father (though that term doesn’t begin to cover what he meant to me, and we never used it. He raised me since I was two.) He died in 2017, unexpectedly. He was only 55, and I was only 22.

I think back on the little moments and wish we had more photos of them. Of HIM, I should say… He was always into photography, just for fun - never a business. His dad was an award winning photographer and gifted me my first film Nikon, that I still have and learned to capture photos on. It was something Ahpa (dad in Korean) and I shared together. He was my biggest supporter, and even bought me my first digital camera for my 18th birthday… at dinner, my mom, sister, Ahpa and I ALL cried because I knew how much money that cost them and it meant he truly believed in my growing business to gift that to me.

Since he loved taking photos so much, that meant Ahpa was never IN any photos. I remember only two photos hanging in my house growing up. The first was an old-timey, cheesy western photo of him and my mother hanging outside their door. The second was a photo of my sister, grandparents, mom, Ahpa, brother and I that hung in our living room. When I got the call that he had died… all I thought of were those little moments I would never again share with him and a time in my life that I can’t get back. The next thing I did was search high and low for those two photos… but they are nowhere to be found, after two big moves. I have a couple photos OF him, but very few WITH him. I’d have given anything just to have a couple professional portraits with him that showed our true connection, but we didn’t have any. My family just thought nobody took portraits until their BIG moments, like a wedding - so we waited…

But in August, my twin sister did get married! Almost one year after the death of our Ahpa. His void was felt the entire day. Though the day was beautiful, he simply wasn’t there… Now a big moment we won’t get to share with him. Another portrait, stopping time, that he won’t be in… We waited for professional portraits of us all together for this day. THIS WAS IT… but we waited too long, and time ran out. So I have no photos to show you of our whole family on this day. And that breaks my heart.

Photography shouldn’t just be about getting digital images via a gallery to sit on your computer forever.

I share this story with you, not to make you feel sad for me, but because I want to ensure I give you those portraits of your family. At your BIG MOMENTS like a wedding or your senior ready to graduate, marking the end of their childhood. But also the little moments, like your maternity portraits before the excitement of the baby being in the world, or bringing a dream your child had while she was sleeping, to life! Not to be stored on your computer, but hung on walls and made into albums to relive those moments time and time again!

I create works of art that capture a perfect moment in time, because I believe we all deserve real and lasting reminders of the people we love.

Life is short. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s scary. But life means nothing without loving other people. Wholeheartedly, and unconditionally. I want you to have those reminders, because truthfully, we are not guaranteed any moments on this Earth. Big or small, they are all the moments that uniquely make up YOUR LIFE, and I want to show you the beauty there is in all of them! From engagement, to wedding, to maternity, graduation, family, and so on… I am here to give you the gift of eternal life: in the form of a portrait, that will allow the memory of your loved ones to live on with you, forever.

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Thank you again for reading my story. I can’t wait to capture YOURS!