I'm a wedding photographer based in Colorado.

But I'm here to do so much more than just take your picture.

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I believe in belly laughs, long road trips, family, all things bohemian, snuggling animals, forehead kisses from your lover, kindness, big hats, chasing sunsets, turquoise jewelry, small mountain towns, trips to the desert, guitars being plucked around campfires, music on vinyl, and adventure (seriously, my bags are ALWAYS packed!).
Hi, I’m Breelle! (It’s pronounced "Bree-L" in case your mind just came up with 10 possible different and hilarious ways to say it!) Professional third-wheeler, dog mama and fiance! I’m a hugger when I meet you, and I don't believe in strangers.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m chasing the desert light, soaking in the mountain air with my handsome other half, Johnny or snuggling on the couch with my cattle dog, Benelli! I love listening to podcasts, binging Netflix shows, chatting with my twin sister, BreeAnna or one of my THREE brothers (yes, THREE! - so no doubt I can handle some rowdy groomsmen!) I also love drinking some some wine at home (or a whiskey sour when I go out), going to concerts with my guy, or reading business books. Let’s have some wine and talk! I’d love to hear more about YOU!

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The american bison

Not all who wander are Lost...

And I can't think of a more symbolic and great wanderer than my favorite animal- The American Bison. They are reminiscent of the Great Plains, reminding me of the mountains and deserts I have always called home from growing up in Colorado, and that always call me back to them. 
However, like me, Bison have an intrinsic nature that calls them to wander and roam. With a deep appreciation and acknowledgment for the longevity of the desert, there is always a part of me that also yearns to document love stories near oceans, forests, towering mountains, and even urban cities. 
There is nowhere I won't travel for your love - and there is nothing I won't do to go above and beyond when I document it!  

My other half johnny

My other half... 

The man who keeps me sane and has shown me so many new places in the five years Johnny was my best friend's older brother growing up, and I always had a small crush on him. He is five years older than me, though, so when I was younger, we never thought about dating. One year, we got together for the annual Christmas Party her family always invited me to, and Johnny and I started talking, and the rest is history. I've been lucky enough to call him mine. We've seen cascading waterfalls in Ouray, the famous Crystal Mills, explored caves in Moab and camped out under the stars in California. He's my favorite adventure partner, along with our pup!

My dog Benelli

I got her as a puppy... 

and she's been my best friend since then. She is 6 years old now and keeps me on my toes. I learned how to "adult" with her, from the age of 20 to now 26, and she has gotten me through so much.

From my first real relationship ending, to my Ahpa (dad in korean) dying, to meeting the love of my life - I live for this puppy. 

Yes, I will forever call her my puppy. I also get misty-eyed every single time I think about life without her! 

I hope you make your fur baby a part of your engagement portraits and/or wedding! I can't imagine her not being a part of mine, and I allow ANY animals you have to hang out with me! I freaking love the fur babies! 

The Desert

"When you're in the desert...

you look into infinity.
It makes you feel terribly small, and also in a strange way, quite big."


"And I want to sleep with you in the desert night...

With a billion stars all around 
'Cause I got a peaceful easy feelin' 
And I know you won't let me down 
'Cause I'm already standin' 
On the ground."

Old Pawn jewelry

My love for southwestern jewelry... 

came from my grandmother. She loved old turquoise and even gave me my first turquoise and silver piece as a child. Before she passed, she gifted me one of her amazing turquoise bracelets, and a small Sleeping Beauty necklace/earring set. They are my most worn piece of jewelry.

Not only does turquoise photograph beautifully, but I love that it's a stone that's symbolic of western grit and Native Lands, and also a harmonious blend of tradition in making the jewelry, with the new fashion and travels of the person who takes it with them to their new adventures. There's something so enchanting about that.

campfires by the lake

I love the smell of a campfire...

 I have so many memories as a child, young adult and adulthood, of sitting around a campfire. From the weddings I've shot in the mountains, to elopements in Moab, fires take me back to so many amazing memories.
Add the sound of an acoustic guitar, some s'mores and the people you love, and it's unparalleled joy. It's usually the ending of a fun and adventurous day, and I always feel my bones at peace when I'm laughing and drinking around the fire with the people I love. 

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