I am a unique collection of all that I have ever loved. The places I’ve been, the people I’ve met… it’s impossible for me to experience life without falling in love with all that it has to offer.

I’ve always joked that I’m often drawn to things that may technically be considered “opposites." When I lived in the city, I daydreamed of small-towns. Now, living in a quaint mountain town, I crave the energy of the lights and crowds in the big city. I appreciate the simplicity in minimalism, and flamboyancy of maximalism. I am either outgoing – the life of the party – or, I’m holed up alone inside, quietly resting my bones and soul. You'll catch me eagerly anticipating the latest movie release, and also indulging in old classics and westerns. I can float around as the most uninhibited person in the room, or sink into deep connections that skip the small talk and banter. 

To some, this may appear fickle, or disingenuous. To me, it's much more than that. There's no lack of gratitude or indecisiveness in my way of being. My passion for the spectrality of life is driven by an inherent sentimentality, and genuine desire to experience all that this world has to offer and live it as fully as possible. To feel deeply, love deeply, give deeply - a meaningful life.

It's a vast world of beauty, wonder, and possibility - so is your love story. As a collector of memories and experiences, it's my joy to help capture yours.

Fierce passion fueled by
gentle tenderness.

guiding vs. posing
Human connection
laughter and a few cuss words

My Approach

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest. And neither are you, and that's why you're here!

You know that your love story is timeless, and undefined by conventional milestones. Your story was authored in the lightness of stolen kisses in the morning while making coffee, coming home to tight hugs plus a little ass grabbing after work, and in the moments when your partner was the only person that made you smile on a day where all you wanted to do was cry.

Those tiny moments, those little stories, they're not like all the rest. Your wedding photos shouldn't be, either. Let's create images that tell your whole story - not just one page of it. 

Not your grandma's photographer. 

Feeling nervous to book because you are "awkward in front of the camera?" Big same. And because I "get it," you can trust me to take the anxiety out of the experience and ease the nervous energy. I pinky promise, we're gonna have fun. And you're going to look great.

My photography is inclusive and celebratory of all identities. I'm here to make you feel seen, not judged. I am here to tell LOVE STORIES in every form. I love love, and I love taking photos that celebrate everything that makes you, you.

I'm all about the eclectic, authentic, unorthodox couples who are kind and in love. Let's get weird, but make it beautiful. 

I believe in love stories.

In all the forms they take, and places they inhabit.

The american bison

Not all who wander are Lost...

And I can't think of a more symbolic and great wanderer than my favorite animal - The American Bison. 

Bison have an intrinsic nature that calls them to wander and roam. I can relate. The mountains and deserts of Colorado always call me back home, but I feel called to document love stories by the sea, in the forest, on towering mountains, and even within urban cities. 

There is nowhere I won't travel for your love - and there is nothing I won't do to go above and beyond when I document it!  

Stuff I Like

My dog Benelli

I got her as a puppy... 

and she's been my best friend since then. She is 6 years old now and keeps me on my toes. I learned how to "adult" with her, from the age of 20 to now 26, and she has gotten me through so much.

From my first real relationship ending, to my Ahpa (dad in korean) dying, to meeting the love of my life - I live for this puppy. 

Yes, I will forever call her my puppy. I also get misty-eyed every single time I think about life without her! 

I hope you make your fur baby a part of your engagement portraits and/or wedding! I can't imagine her not being a part of mine, and I allow ANY animals you have to hang out with me! I freaking love the fur babies! 

Stuff I Like

The Desert

"When you're in the desert...

you look into infinity.
It makes you feel terribly small, and also in a strange way, quite big."

Stuff I Like


"And I want to sleep with you in the desert night...

With a billion stars all around 
'Cause I got a peaceful easy feelin' 
And I know you won't let me down 
'Cause I'm already standin' 
On the ground."

Stuff I Like

Old Pawn jewelry

My love for southwestern jewelry... 

came from my grandmother. She loved old turquoise and even gave me my first turquoise and silver piece as a child. Before she passed, she gifted me one of her amazing turquoise bracelets, and a small Sleeping Beauty necklace/earring set. They are my most worn piece of jewelry.

Not only does turquoise photograph beautifully, but I love that it's a stone that's symbolic of western grit and Native Lands, and also a harmonious blend of tradition in making the jewelry, with the new fashion and travels of the person who takes it with them to their new adventures. There's something so enchanting about that.

Stuff I Like

campfires by the lake

I love the smell of a campfire...

 I have so many memories as a child, young adult and adulthood, of sitting around a campfire. From the weddings I've shot in the mountains, to elopements in Moab, fires take me back to so many amazing memories.
Add the sound of an acoustic guitar, some s'mores and the people you love, and it's unparalleled joy. It's usually the ending of a fun and adventurous day, and I always feel my bones at peace when I'm laughing and drinking around the fire with the people I love. 

Stuff I Like

A bit about some

All at once.

You feel like home and everywhere I've never been

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