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For so long, we've been told by society our weddings should be over the top, stressful to plan, and really, just not our own. It's "your" day, but you have to invite all of your family, even the aunt you know will get too drunk and the cousin you hardly know. You have to wear the white dress, at an expensive venue, with a ginormous cake that will live in your freezer for years...did I mention the stress? 

Well, guess what? I SAY F*CK THAT! Intimate weddings and elopements are the less-stress, kick ass alternative! It's about going to a place that resonates with you, either as a place you visit regularly or a place you've never been, but calls your soul home. It's about foregoing expectation and choosing to revel in the love and excitement of a day that's unique and authentic. It's making the courageous choice to embrace your empowerment and spend a day focused on only the things that speak to you and your love, with just a few (if any) guests at all.

And guess what? You don't have to be an outdoor aficionado to elope in Colorado, or anywhere else! I'll walk you through every part of planning, permits, dreaming up your big day, and of course take some bomb ass portraits of you! All while hyping you up, and probably shedding a tear or two while you say your vows. Whether you're dreaming of a waterfall elopement, an intimate wedding in the desert, a laid-back ceremony in the city, or an out of town getaway, count me in!



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