Portraits Pricing



Okay, so what’s next?

Alright, I know you’re itching at this point to know… What’s the cost for portraits? While I want to tell you “quality photos aren’t cheap, and portraits that last a lifetime shouldn’t have a price tag,” I understand that they do. That’s why, I price my portraits like this:

$150 for my creative fee ($250 with hair and makeup at a salon). This includes your vision, my time, my ART, access to my gowns at no extra cost, exclusive location list, and posing!

(Average investment people spend: $400-$1000.00 depending on their choices)

From here, you create your package! I do this so that you get to decide how much you have to spend, how many portraits you want, and what products you’d like for your home, upfront, with NO CATCHES! Since budget varies person to person, this is the best way for me to help YOU decide and be in control. I will send you my pricing guide where you can find prices for the artwork you want. And the best part is, YOU PICK YOUR PORTRAITS - not me! I won’t shove 100 half-edited, basic portraits in your face, to sit on a disk on your computer forever…

With this option, you get to pick the portraits that you love, that speak to you, and that will LAST. The ones that will be hanging on YOUR walls for generations to come! After your session, we plan a visit either in a coffee shop, restaurant, or best: your home so that I can help you pick the items you love for your space!

If you’re ready to start planning your perfect portrait session - click that little button and let’s chat!