At this point, all the "business stuff" is taken care of. Now, I'll send you a guide with tips and tricks for your wedding or portrait session, with advice on what to wear and even locations that I reserve just for you! You can send me texts or emails with your outfit choices, or if you need any help. I'll create a timeline for you, hook you up with any vendors you need, and we will have an amazing time together! I can't wait!


Once you've decided you are ready to do this, I'll finish my happy dance in my living room while my dog judges me, and then send you a contract and invoice with a retainer. Once you sign and pay the retainer, we can get to the FUN STUFF!

pick a package + Date


We will hop on Zoom, a free video chat service, to talk about your session or wedding so I can tell you what working with me is like! Don't worry, this is NOT a sales call. I want to make sure you know who I am so that you have the power to decide on a photographer that best suits your needs: I know it's not an easy choice, and I want you to feel informed.

book a chat


Send me a message to chat with me either about your wedding/elopement or portrait session. I have customized each form to ask some key questions so I can reach back out to you with knowledge of exactly what you're wanting! Each form is listed down below under their respective categories.



Steps to Booking


from $2800

From planning your timeline for the day, capturing unexpected candids and moments, and capturing the fun + intimate images you've always dreamt of, I've got your hand through the entire process. By the time your big day rolls around, you'll know me.  I'm not the kind of photographer that will awkwardly shake your hand for the first time right as you're getting ready, because I genuinely invest in my couples and want to know who you are. This way, we're friends on your wedding day, just hanging out - and I happen to have my camera with me! Click the button below to tell me all about your day and we can set up a video chat to make sure we vibe together. Comfy pants and a glass of wine or a whiskey sour are required. Click here to chat or here to see the rest of my wedding portfolio!

weddings & elopements

from $500

Sporting a gorgeous new ring and need to announce you're getting married? Maybe you've been married for awhile now and just want to show everyone how you and your love are aging like fine wine, and want to showcase your relationship? Or maybe you're not engaged yet and just feel like having an experience with your love and get some cute photos in the process. Well, hi there! I can fit all those needs! We can plan a cozy at-home session, or we can go to some gorgeous spots and soak up the sunshine. The choices are infinite, and I'm ready to show you off! Click here to get started or here to see more of my portfolio!

engagement/couples portraits

I take on so few portrait sessions per year because I want to make sure that the ones I take, I am giving my full attention to and can focus on creating a custom experience for YOU. When you book with me, you get a portrait guide and I'll take you to some of my favorite, hidden locations.  I want to flatter you and that's why I allow you to go through my client wardrobe and pick anything you want to wear. I sell albums, canvases and digital photos so you can have professional pieces that are the VERY BEST. If you love standing out, want an unforgettable experience, and want something different than the rest, then what are you waiting for? Click right here  to chat with me  or click here to see the rest of my portrait portfolio. Let's do the damn thing!

from $500


When I say my bags are always packed, I mean MY BAGS ARE ALWAYS PACKED! While I love shooting around Colorado, where I'm based out of, if you're having a wedding or elopement in any of these places, I'll hook you up with a special discount if you choose to hire me! I, probably just like you, have a wanderlust soul, and so does Johnny, so I would love to come to YOU (even if you aren't going to marry at one of these places, I'm still totally down to go ANYWHERE. My passport is ready!
In no particular order:
1) South Korea
2) India
3) Hawaii
4) New Mexico
5) Joshua Tree National Park
6) Yosemite
7) Las Vegas
8) Thailand
9) Italy
10) Greece
11) Banff, Canada
12) Morocco
13) Scotland
14) Iceland
15) Ireland
16) Jackson Hole, Wyoming

bucket list locations