Elopement, Wedding and Engagement Investments

I believe that no two weddings are the same because no two couples are the same. I want to authentically and beautifully capture those moments, as uniquely as I can, to represent the uniqueness that you are. I understand that everyone has different needs for those special days, which is why I have this simple pricing structure for each circumstance, as a starting point. How does it work? Well, pretty easily! If you fit the starting point for each gallery, simply fill out the form underneath it and I'll discuss with you about the best option for you! 

Did I mention every single full wedding I offer comes with a FREE ENGAGEMENT SESSION? It helps get you ready for your big day, and it’s another excuse to get more beautiful portraits… A win-win!

Engagement sessions ONLY($400.00)

Just wanting some engagement photos for now because you're getting married in another country or just aren't sure about wedding plans as of yet? Well look no further! I'm here to help you get stunning portraits for you to get hyped about your wedding! We can discuss outfits, best time of day to do the portraits, and we will definitely get images full of laughter and also some full of intimate and romantic moments. If this is what you're looking for, then you're in the right spot! Just contact me and let's get to shooting!

Want to talk on the phone or skype me to discuss your shoot? I'm happy to! Click the form below and shoot me an email!

intimate weddings and elopements (start at $2000.00)

I LOVE intimate weddings and elopements, and sometimes think they don't get enough credit for the beauty and also moments of intimacy they lend to. It's not just about the epic location (but don't worry - my Jeep will get us to that part too). It's also about taking the time to make this day about the two of YOU and under 40 of your closest family and friends. There's something special about foregoing the traditional wedding and focusing on the love between the two of you - and I want to be there to document your day!

Let's grab dinner or a drink and talk about what's best for you! 

Full weddings (start at $2600.00)

I classify these weddings as anything with 40 guests or more. Full weddings are the big day! The one where your aunt from Timbuktu showed up, brought all her kids and her husband Bob brought the flask. Where the lights from the DJ stand are popping and so is the champagne! Not only will I focus on capturing the love between the two of you (read: smiles, laughter, and even some tears,) but I'll capture it of your guests too. After all, they are what makes this wedding a party! We can schedule a consultation via meetup or Skype and talk about what is important to YOU on your big day!